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Downloads: About the Font

January 1st, 2009 by MotU Overseer

[Note: This font is only needed for proper viewing of the standard site, not this low bandwidth edtion.]

The "JSL Ancient" and "JSL Ancient Italic" fonts are based on a set of two nearly identical typefaces that were used by seventeenth century printers in Great Britain. These two works were "A compendious view of the late tumults & troubles in this kingdom by way of annals for seven years," by James Wright and printed 1685 by Edward Jones and the second was "Ars Pictoria, or an Academy treating of Drawing, Painting, Limning and Etching," by Alexander Browne and, printed in 1668 by J. Redmayne. There are two versions of this font, one the standard Roman and the other an italic variation. Because of their detail, antique appearance, and taste of history, these fonts are useful for many purposes and, in the case of this site, help to complete an unique atmosphere like no other.

Author: Jeff Lee

Distribution: Free (emailware)

Format: PC TrueType

Size/Archive Contents: 206K .ttf (x2) and .txt

You may download the font here: JSL Ancient